• Pocket money

    ¥1500/per month 

    with extra completion Bonus

    Program Loation

    Other Major cities in China as preferred 

    Service hour

    max 30 hours per week

    for language tutoring & childcare

    (no more than 6H/per day)


    Program time Span

    Regular: 3-12 months
    Summer Program: 2 months


    International Medical Insurance


    Day Off

    2 days off per week 

      (more "Me-Time" if host kids go to  school)


    Paid holiday:

    -1 day off per month

    (3 days off for 3 months)


    Assigned coordinator for all the necessary formalitites

    (visa application/extention, airport pickup, residential registration, emergency contact)

    Language & Culture Program

    1:1 Private Mandarin Class based on Au Pair's schedule 

    with nearby location per week & Monthly Culture Activity 


    Flight Reimbursement

    RMB ¥2,500-¥10,000 

    as reimbursement depending on the length of stay for 2-12 months program


    2-day orientation for ESL, Chinese culture activity, Shanghai City Tour, and a grand welcome dinner


    Cost by Au Pair

    Chinese visa fee, Police check & Health check (if applicable), Program Application Fee-FREE!




    Private room with Wifi access

  • Each host family is different, so the AuPair’s responsibilities will vary depending on the different families. Upon arrival in the host family, the AuPair shall discuss in details with the host family about the daily or weekly routine and the expectations for the au pair.

    Language tutoring is the main reason that most Chinese host families would like to have an Au Pair being with the kids. So the main responsibilities is being a tutor and a big sister/brother to teach, play, and have fun with the host kids.

    Language Tutoring



    - Every host kid will have an ESL Assessment before & after the program
    - Design well-planned English lessons on a daily basis 
    - Help the host kids with the school assignment & homework 
    - Read along with the host kids to improve their reading skills
    - Have fun activities with the host kids, like artworks, dancing, singing, outdoor sports, games, board games, coding, Lego etc

    Be a family member

    - Join in the family meals (breakfast & dinner)
    - Help with the morning routine
    - Send/Pick up the host kids to school
    - Take the host kids to the playground and park
    - Help with the grocery shopping
    - Take care of the host kids while outing/traveling with the host family
    - Share the light housework
    - Keep your room tidy
  • The host family provides a comfortable private room for Au Pair. The room is furnished with bed & closet, and you will have the access to Internet. As a family member, you'll have meals with the family. If you have a special diet, please inform the family before your arrival. The family would be aware of it.

    Support documents &

    guidance for Visa Application

    Pre-departure &

     arrival orientation

    Airport pick up


    Welcome pack with city map, SIM card  


    7/24  Support 


    Various culture activities


  • Application Form
    with Support Documents

    Confirm the placement with details

    1st Online Interview with YES!Au Pair

    2nd Online Interview with Host Family Applicants

    Matching with Host Family Applicants 

    Sign the Contract

    Visa(X2) Application with Support Documents

    Arrival in Shanghai

    2-day Orientation &
    City Tour 

    Welcome to the Host Family



    1. A Skype interview can be scheduled first for Au Pair to be more informed about the details after you fill in the inquiry form at the bottom.  Au Pair is welcomed to ask questions about your concerns.


    2. Support documents include: 

          -A scanned copy of your passport

          -A health report signed by your doctor

          -A police check/non-criminal report

          -A scanned copy of your education diploma


    3.  We will provide Invitation Letter with necessary documents for your visa application( X2/short-term student visa).


    4. Regarding to the flight ticket fee, half fee is reimbursed upon Au Pair’s arrival in Shanghai, and the balance is reimbursed after the completion of the whole program.

  • Q1: What fees does Au Pair need to pay for the Program?

    A:  No application fee! We don't charge any fees from our Au Pair applicants
    Q2: Does Au Pair need to book his/her own flight?
     A: Yes, Au Pair is responsible for booking the flight by himself/herself to Shanghai. The flight ticket reimbursement is RMB¥2,500-¥10,000 depending on the length of stay for 2-12 months program. Au Pair will get the 1st half reimbursement upon his/her arrival in Shanghai, and the 2nd half after the completion of the program with the extra completion bonus.
    Q3: What type of visa could Au Pair apply for?
    A: For 3-6 months program, Au Pair can apply for short-term student visa ( X2 visa, no more than 180 days).
    For 12 months program, Au Pair can apply for long-term student visa (X1, more than 180 days). X1 can only be issued by universities or registered schools in China.
    Tourist visa (L visa) is usually valid for 1 month-3 months stay in China.
    If Au Pair wants to stay longer after the completion of the program, the visa (X1) could be renewed in China.
    Q4: Does Au Pair pay for the visa fee?
    A: Yes, Au pair needs to pay pay for the visa fee by himself/herself with the supporting documents offered by YES!AuPair, including the Invitation Letter and other administration documents.
    Q5: When will Au Pair receive the pocket money from host family each month?
    A: The first month pocket money will be received after the one month stay with the host family. Usually the pocket money is offered on the arrival date of each month.
    ​Q6: What other fees does AuPair has to cover before the arrival in China?
    - Visa fee
    - Flight fee to Shanghai
    - Fee for a health report
    - Fee for a non-criminal police check