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Aurelien, France

7-month Program 2018-2019


Thank you YES!AuPair ! It's always been a dream for me to visit a city like Shanghai. You made it possible, and a special thank to my coordinator for always helping me so well."


Corinna, Germany
6-month Program 2019


It might be fairly overwhelming for the first week or two, as you get used to a new country and a new culture, but everyone is so nice that you can rely on those around you to help. There will be differences in culture but take everything in your stride and be willing to learn new things, you will have a wonderful time

Taye, UK

5-month Program 2019


Orientation had been amazing, super fun and informative and I don't think I could have had a better time. My coordinator  found me an amazing family, I have only been here for this evening, but they are so supportive and welcoming. I think I will continue to have an amazing time and I am so thankful to you, YesAuPair and the host family.

Clara, Australian  

Summer Program 2019


Wow! My first time in Shanghai has been INCREDIABLE thanks to YES!AuPair and my host family. My Chinese little sister looked after me, taught me some 中文(Chinese), and helped me buy things at the fake market.

I hope to come to China many more times in the soon future.

Au Pair: Harry (French)

Au Pairs' Meet-up in Shanghai

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