Aurelien, France

Arrival Date: 2018.12


"Thank you YES!AuPair !
It's always been a dream for me to visit a city like Shanghai. You made it possible, and a special thank to my coordinator for always helping me so well."



Taye, UK

Arrival Date: 2019.04


"Orientation had been amazing, super fun and informative and I don't think I could have had a better time. Kim is so lovely and supportive, she is doing so much for me and I can really tell how much her agency means to her. Plus she found me an amazing family, I have only been here for this evening, but they are so supportive and welcoming. The mum is really nice and explaining/helping me so much and the nannies are so kind, Lionel is also really sweet. I have even met one grandparent (who was super nice too). I think I will continue to have an amazing time and I am so thankful to you, Kim (YesAuPair) and the host family."

Corinna, Germany

Arrival Date: 2019.4


“The family is really nice and really fun, they make a lot of jokes. The girl will start English lessons next week, so now I just try to teach her some words. She opened up really fast yesterday. As said, the boy is shy to speak in English, even though he is good. And the nainai is really nice and friendly."
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